Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

Indie gamedev interview: Those Guys pt.2

Halo semua, jarang-jarang aku nulis dua artikel dalam sehari. Kalau kalian sudah membaca post sebelumnya tentang interview dengan Those Guys, di situ sudah dijelaskan kalau studionya berisi dua orang artist. Nah, kebetulan mereka berdua menjawab dalam email yang berbeda jadi bahan untuk blog postku jadi terbagi dua, hahaha.

 photo 2.jpg

Kalau kalian mau tahu tentang apa jawaban orang kedua dalam pertanyaan yang sama, baca terus di bawah ini:

Why don't we start with yourself? can you tell me about your studio / dev group?
Well here's what, at the beginning i was just doodling some sketches for my imaginary game until i went to the first class of my new High school. There i met a friend who was into programming and we started to work together, our first game was a knock off on Indiana Jones and it was terrible so it's kept in our private files to this day. The game was terrible but a feel of developing something yours was great so we continued working together.

What is your game title?
My game title is "Dark tree valley''

What platform is it for?
First version is for power of 4 on newgrounds, so yea first one is for
internet and after that we will make a mobile version and after mobile version comes full pc version with full story line and much more items, options stuff like that.

What is the game about? Describe it for us.
That story part is going to be a little secret until the release, well lets just say your goal is to protect the remaining tree :)

Where did you get your game idea?
Game idea? as you can see i clearly played ''Limbo'' but after that i listened to ''Dumb ways to die''. This is like those two combined in one wave cleaning dark themed  game.

Can you tell us about the development of this game? (like how many people are involved, what tools are you using, stuffs like that)
Development is going nicely as i mentioned this is for power of 4 so we have two programmers me as artist and my friend as animator. We don't have any special tools , Im using ps6 with just my mouse (im not using a drawing board) programmers are using Unity and animator in using Flash.

What advice can you give to people just starting out with gamedev?
Design your games to be simple and fun to play. Usually simple games with a lot of items in them do good , take ''Don't starve'' for an example (talking only about indie games)

Lastly, is there anything you'd like to share with the audience? (doesn't have to be technical)
Nothing much just my personal feels for this game to come out well :)

Yap itu dia pendapat orang kedua dari Those Guys! Semoga kalian bisa mendapat insight baru dengan berkenalan dengan indie gamedev yang sudah memulai perjalanan indie mereka, dan semoga ini bisa menginspirasi kalian semua untuk membuat game studio sendiri!