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Indie gamedev interview: Those guys

Halo semua, apa kabarnya? Dulu aku pernah memulai sebuah seri blog bernama indie gamedev interview, yang sempat sepi agak lama. Sekarang aku ingin menambahkan lagi beberapa hasil interview dengan indie gamedev dari seluruh dunia. Kali ini kita kedatangan tamu dari Serbia, dan mereka ini membuat sebuah game yang sangat menarik, mau tahu seperti apa? Lihat saja di bawah ini

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Why don't we start with yourself? can you tell me about your studio / dev group?I'm just a kid from Serbia who discovered Flash back in 2010. In 2013, I formed a group of people who work under the name of "Those Guys" and have several projects running, one of which was actually featured on a big gaming website.

What is your game title?I have to important ones to talk about;Dark Tree ValleyApocalypse: Survive It

What platform is it for?Dark Tree Valley will be on multiple platforms, first on the web, then it will come on Android, iOS and Windows phone before finally coming out on PC.Apocalypse: Survive It is just for PC, there is a prototype made in 48 hours for a gamejam that can be found on the web.

What is the game about? Describe it for us.Dark Tree Valley is about protecting a tree. It's an arena styled platform action game where waves of enemies come from different sides to try and destroy the tree, pretty much. Of course, it has a deeper story but for now that must remain a secret.Apocalypse: Survive It is about being blind in a zombie apocalypse. It focuses heavily on surround sound system so the player can interact with various characters and shoot zombies while - obviously, being blind.

If you participated in LD48, did the theme give you some trouble in coming up with the idea?I have never participated in LD so far, I did, however, participate in other game jams and it's always hard to come up with a useable idea.

If you participated in LD48, is there anything different with gamedeving for a jam compared to your usual project?Game jams are always different. You need to stay focused for 48(+) hours and there are no breaks. It's always hard to pull it off, but once you do - it's rewarding, especially if people support the thing you did and want more of it!

Can you tell us about the development of this game? (like how many people are involved, what tools are you using, stuffs like that)Dark Tree Valley is being made by 4 people (2 from my studio(Those Guys), 2 from BugDevStudios). We (Those Guys) are in charge of the visuals, everything really. From the font to the backgrounds, we do it all while the the guys from BugDevStudios are coding it. It is made in Unity (The web version) and C++ (The PC/Downloadable version).Apocalypse: Survive It is being made in flash by more than 10 people (2 of which are not voice actors - including me) and was planned to be released by the end of the year but we got into some financial problems and had to postpone it. We are still working on it though.

What advice can you give to people just starting out with gamedev?Start small. Always start small, make silly dressup games or something. Eventually move onto something more serious. I, for one, started with mouse avoiders (I did add a little twist to it). If you are making a game that is going to be like many others, add at least 1 original feature to it so people remember it and come back looking for more of your stuff. After some time you'll gain some followers and possibly a friend or two who will always be there to work with you. Then you can recruit people, and eventually try and hit it big. (Am doing that as we speak)

Lastly, is there anything you'd like to share with the audience? (doesn't have to be technical)There's a sweet game jam going on at Newgrounds during the summer. It's called Power of Four and it's deadline is in October, check that out! Also, don't end up like Phil Fish, please.

Yap, itu dia interview dengan Those Guys. Sayangnya aku nggak mendapatkan link game Dark Tree Valley, tapi ada versi prototip dari Apocalypse: Survive it di web yang bisa kalian mainkan di sini atau di sini. Sampai ketemu di interview yang lain ya.

oh iya, kelupaan. Ada beberapa screenshot lain tentang Dark Tree Valley, check it out!

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