Minggu, 04 Mei 2014

Indie game interview: Fatter Mike Games

Selamat pagi para pembaca blogku semuanya! Ternyata sewaktu beberapa waktu lalu aku bertanya di twitter apakah ada indie developer yang berminat untuk diwawancara, tanggapannya bagus sekali. Sampai-sampai belakangan ini tulisanku selalu tentang indie game interview (sebenarnya aku pengen lanjutin ke tutorial lagi sih).

Kali ini  tamu kita datang dari Fatter Mike Games, kalau sebelumnya tamu kita selalu membuat game untuk PC sekarang kita kedatangan iOS developer. Mereka sekarang sedang membuat puzzle game yang inovatif yang berhubungan dengan warna. Terus terang aku tertarik banget dengan ide gamenya, kalau saja aku punya iPhone atau iPad pasti sudah aku coba sekarang. Yap, tanpa ditunda-tunda lagi, hasil interview ada di bawah ini! Seperti biasa aku biarkan tetap dengan bahasa Inggris.

What is your game title? Puzzle Pix

What platform is it for? iOS (iPhone & iPad)

What is the game about? Describe it for us.  Puzzle Pix is a color based puzzle game. Puzzles are pictorial and have regions that must be colored such that no two adjacent regions have the same color.  It includes hundreds of levels as well as the ability to create puzzles from photos with your device's camera, providing an unlimited number of levels.

Where did you get your game idea? We got the idea for Puzzle Pix from the Four Color Theorem, which states that any Puzzle Pix puzzle you can dream up can be solved with just four colors.  Crazy right?  That's convenient for us though, since we can absolutely guarantee that all of our puzzles are perfectly solvable!

Can you tell us about the development of this game? (like how many people are involved, what tools are you using, stuffs like that) There were two people involved in the creation of Puzzle Pix. Matthew designed the graphics, feel, and usability of the app, while Kiefer managed the programming using mostly Cocos2D.  An image processing library called OpenCV was used for creating photo-puzzles.

What advice can you give to people just starting out with gamedev? The most important thing to focus on is not on creating a game that will be popular, but on developing a game you are proud of.  If you make something that you think is awesome, you have 100% succeeded.  Creating something great is a long bumpy road which requires a lot of perseverance and a great attitude, but keep at it.

Lastly, is there anything you'd like to share with the audience? (doesn't have to be technical)
We would just like to say that the audience is what keeps indie game development in motion. Most indie developers never see a return on investment for their games, so it is truly a labor of love. The more users we see playing our game, the more excited and motivated we get. Anytime you can help spread the word about an indie game, it is a way to help make indie game development continue to flourish.  If you would like to get in touch with us, visit our website: http://fattermike.com

Yak, itulah dia interview kita dengan Fatter Mike Games! Kalau kamu tertarik dengan gamenya, kamu bisa men-download di sini: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puzzle-pix/id824435305?ls=1&mt=8 . Buat kalian yang suka dengan hal-hal gratisan, game ini cocok buat kamu karena memang gamenya gratis!

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