Rabu, 30 April 2014

Indie game interview: Split Polygon

Halo-halo, ketemu lagi denganku di tulisanku yang terbaru. Gimana pendapat kalian tentang indie interview kemarin? Bagus nggak? Aku harap kalian suka seri ini dan bisa memberikan lebih banyak insight tentang dunia indie game development yang sebelumnya nggak diketahui oleh semua gamers.

Kali ini kita kedatangan tamu lagi untuk indie game interview, kalau kemarin tamu kita datang dari Inggris, sekarang giliran sebuah game studio dari Breda, Belanda bernama Split Polygon. Mereka adalah kelompok 5 orang pemuda yang baru saja lulus kuliah, dan sudah mengerjakan game mereka selama satu tahun! Dan game mereka terlihat bagus sekali, lihat aja dari satu screenshot ini

Penasaran kan seperti apa pengalaman mereka dalam mengembangkan game ini? Di bawah ini adalah wawancaraku dengan mereka, masih dalam bahasa Inggris karena aku yakin lebih baik perkataan mereka dibiarkan sesuai aslinya.

What is your game title?
Our game is called Interstellar Rift.

What platform is it for?
Currently we’re focusing on getting it to work on Windows PC first, but we have plans to eventually port to Linux and Mac OS X.

What is the game about? Describe it for us.
We see Interstellar Rift as the ultimate starship experience. First off you can design and build your starship from the ground up using the ingame ship editor, which can be of any size and shape. Then you can take that ship out into the galaxy and explore, trade or fight other players and non playable characters. You can do this alone, or if you want you can take your friends along and have them operate different systems on your ship. For example: One person could be flying, the other could be operating a turret and another is managing your power distribution and repairs etcetera. The bigger your ship, the more people you will need to man it effectively. Also it will be a lot easier to defend your ship from hostile boarding player if you have more people aboard.
The universe that you will be exploring is going to be procedurally generated and every server you join will be unique.

Where did you get your game idea?
About a year and a half ago a few of us were playing the Spacebuild gamemode in Garry’s mod at night, and after a few hours we had built a few cool looking starships. But like most things in Garry’s mod they were glitchy, and things start to fall apart quickly when you really wanted to do something with the ships. We really thought it could be an awesome game if done right. So that’s what sparked the initial idea of the game, and we spent the rest of the night brainstorming and by morning we had a extremely rough outline for what eventually would become Interstellar Rift. Roughly 6 months later we founded the studio.

If you participated in LD48, did the theme give you some trouble in coming up with the idea?
We didn’t participate.

If you participated in LD48, is there anything different with gamedeving for a jam compared to your usual project?
While we didn’t participate in LD48 we do join in on the Global Game Jam every year. So we do have some jamming experience. Usually what's different about them is that everything gets hacked together really quickly. With our normal projects we need to make sure that everything is working as intended. In a game jam you need to make sure your game is playable in just 2 days. This often means that things work, but is easy to break and often very unstable. Of course this can lead to a lot of hilarious moments as well. It doesn’t really help that we’re using our own engine that is constantly in flux, but in turn it does teach us a lot about how it works, and what features are missing - especially in such a short time where every amount of time wasted on chasing bugs or working around missing features costs you.

Can you tell us about the development of this game? (like how many people are involved, what tools are you using, stuffs like that)
Right now we are working on the game with 5 people: 2 programmers and 3 artists, and an volunteer who helps us with audio. The engine we’re using was made by our programmers. Of course we initially considered engines like Unreal, Unity and CryEngine for our game. But what we wanted to do would be very difficult or downright impossible with some of the middleware engines out there. It would probably cost more time to modify the engines to work with our ideas than to just do it ourselves from the get go.

What advice can you give to people just starting out with gamedev?
If you want to get into game development simply start making games. There is no magical threshold you need to pass before you can call yourself a game developer. Just do, dont say.
There are thousands of tutorials out there that can help you start on the path to become an artist, programmer or designer. Also, don’t start with the next MMO, or some extremely difficult game. Start small, and work up from there. As for engine choice, building your own engine is rewarding in itself, but not feasible if you’re just starting off - you’re better off using an engine. Especially now that Unreal 4 is available for the masses we’re seeing amazing possibilities for the indie scene.

Lastly, is there anything you'd like to share with the audience? (doesn't have to be technical, lol)
You can try out the Interstellar Rift star ship builders for free at our website (www.split-polygon.com) Please take a look at it and let us know what you guys think, and what you would like to see. Your feedback really throws us into overdrive when it comes to motivation

Yap, itu dia wawancara kita dengan Split Polygon! bagaimana menurut kalian? kalau kalian penasaran dengan game yang mereka buat, aku akan menyertakan beberapa screenshot gamenya di bawah ini.

Bagaimana? keren kan? Kalau kalian ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang mereka, kalian bisa mengunjungi website mereka di http://www.split-polygon.com/ dan puaskan mata kalian karena ada banyak sekali screenshot lainnya di sana (ada dev video juga)

Aku harap kalian suka dengan seri ini, sampai ketemu di blog post berikutnya. Ciao.